ARLENE is an Astrologer. She is available for Astrology Charts if you call ahead with your birth information (date/time/city of birth) and can do a Transit or Solar Return reading at Psychic Faire if you have your birth information with you. ARLENE can also do an Angel readings for you and she also accesses information from one’s spirit guides. ARLENE is also an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.


DAVE teaches benevolent magick warfare. He makes, uses, and sells real potions.                              DAVE is a first wave indigo expert trained by Laura Lee Mistycah and                                           Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. He performs psychic readings thru oracle,                                               tarot, and runes. He studied metaphysics, universal truth, and religion               for 10 years. DAVE is also a healer and can remove curses, evil magick,               entity latch-ons, spirits/ghosts, light worker/indigo sabotage of all kinds,             mental illness from unconventional causes, off-world/other-dimensional           evil interference, implants and abduction traumas.


DAVID reads the Cherokee Spirit Stones, Tarot, Norse and Celtic Runes, and the I-Ching.  DAVID also does Soul Retrievals. He is a martial arts specialist and a Tai davidChi and Chi Gong practitioner.

KATE (CatWitch)

KATEIs an intuitive clairvoyant and natural psychic who sees people’s dragons as if they were auras. KATE will do readings by appointment only. Kate is Level 2 Dragon Reiki and Level 1 Voodoo Reiki.


CROPPED MORN AND CHESTERIs an Emphatic Tarot reader and also uses the Pendulum. She will also do Totem Animal readings. MORN is also a Celtic, Usui, Dragon, Elemental, Tiger and Seichim Reiki Master plus Level 2 Crystal Reiki and Level 1 Voodoo Reiki. By appointment only


Lady JuliaViolette has been studying and practicing Tarot for over 15 years. She uses the Legend of the Arthurian deck which she feels has insight on how we feel today. She also has Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities and will do Intuitive Palm Readings. Smudging and psychic removal services available.


LAUREN is an Intuitive And Empathic Tarot Reader with a Masters Degree in counseling.  She has been an excellent reader/healer for many years.  Lauren is also a Dragon Reiki Master.


297422_2180146138203_2082531960_nLYDIA is an Intuitive Tarot and Tea Leaf reader and a Seichim-Reiki, Dragon, Tiger, and Voodoo Reiki Master and Level 2 Usui Reiki . Lydia will also put together Gris-Gris/Mojo bags and candles for your personal needs by Special Order.





945334_10151534492338380_830629472_nIs an Intuitive Tarot, Dragon, and Rune Reader. Right now, she is as a sub when another of our readers can’t work and on Wednesday evenings, Fridays, and Saturdays by appointment. Rose Dragon is also a Dragon, Tiger, Elemental, Seichim and Celtic Reiki Master, Level 2 Crystal Reiki and Level 1 Voodoo Reiki.


SHARON is a Norse Rune Master and Intuitive. She reads the Elder Futhark Runes or rather, they choose to work with her.sharon  Her Facebook Business & Group Pages are both called“Have You Runed Your Day Yet?” as well as a Rune Blog at Like her FB pages to learn more about this potent form of divination.


Regular Prices

15 MINUTES   $30.00
30 MINUTES   $50.00
45 MINUTES   $70.00
60 MINUTES   $90.00
Receive a 10% discount on your reading when you pay cash on regular price days.

Psychic Faire – 2nd full weekend of every month
$1 a minute!

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